Security based on opensource tool and technology is better for cybersecurity

Open source is eating the world. There is no doubt. Every core piece of today's internet technology is based on open-source technology.

Growing cybersecurity talent shortage and ever-increasing cyber threats are not new news. With proprietary technologies, it is very challenging for both:

  1. Businesses to select and settle upon a particular solution and
  2. Cybersecurity practitioners to learn and master any specific technology.


With the open core technology, we at Seknox believe that:

  1. Security practitioners, will only have to learn one tool, one product, and apply the same knowledge and expertise everywhere.
  2. Security administrators can model security implementation around open technology for business, and It will also be effortless to find security engineers who might already have learned open technology.

Along with the above points, this model should boost trust and confidence upon our solutions since as an open core technology, businesses can be ensured that whatever solution we are providing is not based on obscurity and loosely held under proprietary protection.